With every thought, every key stroke, I could only move with the passion that burned inside me to create each book. I write with a purpose. You may ask, “What was the passion that led to each book?” Each book has some things in common. Each is: my story, my life, my poetry, my way of helping others through their issues.

In The Mirror: A Woman’s Saga is a book, CD, and DVD project. This book dives into personal issues from my past. I talk about sexual assault and abuse very candidly. So many people have experienced it but not many talk about it. I made it very clear in my book that your voice is very important. You can cry silently or you can use your voice boldly to make a change in your circumstances and in the lives of others. I urged my readers to understand forgiveness and then encouraged them to love themselves, be captivated by themselves as the perfect design they were created.

The spoken word CD  in In The Mirror consists of jazz music composed by very talented musicians featuring Winston Byrd, David Sampson, Chris Robinson, & Ethan Stone, and a piano solo by Calvin Austin. Many women who will read In The Mirror and listen to the accompanying CD, will be captivated by the way they relate to the voice they hear as the music draws them in. Men will be able to feel the heart of a woman and deepen their appreciation for all women. Purchase the CD so you can listen to the music and the passion in my voice as I recite my poetry. The DVD includes Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru’s interview of me. We go through the book chapter by chapter, as I reveal even more “behind the book” details and share my purpose for my readers. A bonus VIDEO of “The Compact”  was added to the DVD as you watch and hear the spoken word from the book unfold before your eyes. You have to see this for your self!

Reflections from the Soul is a book and CD project. The CD was written first, a spoken word project with originally composed music from some great musicians and producers. Once completed, I began writing the lyrics for the inside inserts and realized there was a story to tell. Each chapter is me speaking about the subject matters. This book answers the question, “Can I be Indian and serve God without compromise.” It also addresses identity issues with those who are born from interracial marriages.

Memoirs of an Educarer is all about putting the love back in education. My philosophy is educators teach children but educarers reach children. This book has poetry too, but only in the middle of the book with a chapter summary for each. The beginning addresses issues in the classroom and methods to help. The last chapter talks about my successful leadership program, G.I.R.L.S. with P.E.A.R.L.S.

Journey to Legacy is about my life from a child, to adulthood, as an Educarer, and a Native American. This book is mostly poetry with some works described in the beginning of each chapter. The fourth chapter is a complete journey into Native American culture with my own tribal history of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians.